Green Arusha Society

Community Environmental Awareness Project

Green Arusha society, as an environmental stakeholder in the country, has been creating awareness at the third angle among the local people in the same 15 villages in the districts of Arusha, Arumeru and Monduli, each district with 5 villages as pilot areas. The project included sensitization to the village leaders, mobilization of village environmental committees and capacity building workshops and trainings to the committee members as well as inter-village exchange visits and excursions by the committee members, follow-ups for monitoring, assessment and evaluation. Together with the previous two projects, Green Arusha Society finds the consideration of the three stones (the three projects), would bring a great impact to the local people towards environmental conservation.

Discussing environmental issues in the community

Discussing environmental issues in the community


The project aimed at helping the entire communities to identify, understand, and solve the prevailing environmental problems that are facing them around the villages in Arusha, Arumeru and Monduli respectively.